Lexi Davis & Soffie – Big ass white girls fucked

I went to Bruno’s house to see if Lexi Davis and Soffie were still there. We needed them for a shoot. They must have partied like rock-stars cause Bruno could barely keep his eyes open. i walked into the kitchen to find Lexi half naked drinking O.j. out of the fridge. My kind of gal! Then Soffie walks out the room in a tank-top and panty. Sure as hell must of been a wild night. I figured since they’re all almost nude, why not do a shoot right now? Sounds like a plan! They were down so fuck it! Lexi and Soffie gave us a tease of lesbian action before Bruno took them into the shower to fuck both of them. things let into the bedroom where shit got even more crazier. Nothing like a threesome on a sunny afternoon. What a luck bastard? Enjoy!

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